Fear and loathing of tourist crowd

Scenes From Miami

February 03, 2007|By Peter Schmuck

Not every place in the Miami area is jammed with out-of-town football fans. If you know where to go, you can still find a neighborhood sports bar where you don't have to pay a cover or stand in line for a Bud Light.

Case in point: The Circus Bar and Grill in Pompano Beach, one of those neighborhood bars with pool tables, darts (albeit those wimpy soft-tipped ones) and license plates on the walls.

"We'll get some friends of friends who are in from out of town," said owner James Rodriguez, "but that's about it."

I'm familiar with it because it's close to the Orioles' spring training facility, but the Super Bowl tourist crowd probably isn't going to find it.

The locals like that just fine.

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