Nintendo DS sales booming

February 01, 2007|By Victor Godinez | Victor Godinez,McClatchy/Tribune

The Nintendo Wii may still be a rare bird, although apparently less so than it was several weeks ago, but the Nintendo DS is selling like ice cubes in Hades.

Nintendo said last week that it has sold more than 10 million of the portable consoles in the Americas since the DS came out in November 2004.

In all, 35 million DS systems have sold worldwide. So, basically, with just a one-year head start, the DS has outsold the Xbox 360 by 25 million units. I'd be stunned if the 360 - or any of the new consoles, really - ever sells 25 million units in a single year.

Granted, handhelds and consoles are slightly different markets. But the DS is one of the great products in the history of gaming and probably will make Nintendo a huge profit even if the Wii flops. And that doesn't seem to be happening.

PS3 in Europe

Sony said this week it will start selling the PlayStation 3 in Europe on March 23. On the mainland, the price in euros will be close to $800. In the United Kingdom, it will top $800 if exchange rates don't change much.

Games are always more expensive across the pond than they are here. But that's a huge markup, and you can bet all the Euro gamers have been reading all the less-than-flattering things being written about the PS3 over here.

Sony will probably sell out of the initial batch because of a limited supply. But the same problem that's hurting the console here and in Japan, a lack of good games, will almost certainly hurt it in Europe.

Games graveyard

Games Radar is running an interesting piece on seven game franchises that have been overused and wrung dry. It's an interesting list (gamesradar. com), and I can't really quibble with the findings.

Personally, though, I'd add Mortal Kombat to the list. Not that the recent string of games has necessarily been terrible - I haven't played them much recently - but it feels ancient and tired.

And how about The Sims?

I know it's still really popular, but c'mon! Every new expansion pack makes me want to roll my eyes so far back that I can examine my skull.

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