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The skinny on local clubs

February 01, 2007|By SAM SESSA

The Red Star

Baltimore lore has it that in years past, Fells Point pubs that doubled as brothels advertised their wares by drawing a red star outside the building -- hence the name of this bar.

Where -- 906 S. Wolfe St.

Call -- 410-675-0212

Web site --

Notable -- With huge wooden support beams, high ceilings, a long bar and tons of worn bricks, this spacious place is really a beauty. There's also no smoking inside.

Vibe -- If you like a step up from the average rough-around-the-edges pub and don't mind paying a buck or two extra for it, Red Star is your bar.

Crowd -- Almost entirely yuppies -- some from the surrounding neighborhood and others from across the city. Most are in their 20s and 30s.

What to wear -- Some people come in casual and formal work attire, and others wear designer jeans with button-down shirts.

Music -- Some nights, singer/songwriters set up by the door and play a mix of covers and originals.

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