Treasurer backed for new term

January 31, 2007|By Andrew A. Green | Andrew A. Green,Sun Reporter

A panel of legislators overwhelmingly recommended yesterday that Nancy K. Kopp, a former delegate from Montgomery County, be given another four-year term as state treasurer.

Eight other people applied for the job, with experience ranging from working at a bank to managing finances for the federal government, but lawmakers showed no inclination to stray from Kopp, who is a Democrat. In fact, most thought the one vote for another candidate was a mistake because his name appeared above hers on the ballot.

"Why trade in for someone unknown when you have the almost perfect person?" asked Del. Carolyn J.B. Howard, a Prince George's County Democrat.

The treasurer manages state investments and has one of three votes on the Board of Public Works, which has final approval of nearly all state contracts. Kopp has held the job for five years. She needs the endorsement of the full House and Senate for another term.

But legislators say that will be a mere formality. Kopp even won praise from some of the other candidates and from Republicans on the panel.

"Not only do you do a lot of pretty good stuff, but the best thing is you've always been very responsive to your constituents," said Sen. Donald F. Munson, a Washington County Republican.

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