Finding Nemo (in the Fridge)

Yes. Virginia, some dogs can open the icebox, which is why their owners must go to some lengths to keep them out

January 29, 2007|By John Woestendiek | John Woestendiek,sun reporter

JUST AS A LITTLE GIRL NAMED VIRGINIA DID with her questions about Santa Claus, Lawrence Silberman chose a letter to the editor to express his misgivings about something he found hard to believe - the first weight loss medicine for dogs was hitting the market.

That "Slentrol" - a new tool to fight canine obesity - had won federal government approval struck Silberman, of Burtonsville, as silly. A far simpler course, it seemed to him, would be to feed your dog less.

ONLINE See video of the dog caught in the act, with a camera that filmed through the night, at

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