Terps, Heels offer early hint of March

January 28, 2007|By RICK MAESE

"What can I say? They're Maryland."

That's Sylvia Hatchell, the women's basketball coach at North Carolina. Sure, it's a shoulder-shrug of a summation, but doesn't it seem accurate?

North Carolina women @Maryland Tonight, 7, ESPN2

Rick Maese -- Points after

Which are you? I feel like football fans in Baltimore are divided into three camps: those who don't care that the Colts are in the Super Bowl, those who are hurt that the Colts are in the Super Bowl and those who are happy that the Colts made it - because losing in the Super Bowl would hurt so much more than losing a measly conference title game.

And I mean it this time: If the Maryland men's basketball team keeps playing the way it did against Georgia Tech, it'll be fine.

We lost a good one: The modern-day newspaper sports section, with a focus that delves much further than the final score and game summaries, was greatly influenced by Van McKenzie, a sports editor who worked in St. Petersburg, Fla., Atlanta, New York and Orlando. He also helped found The National, a sports daily that debuted 17 years ago this week. McKenzie was a respected boss, appreciated mentor and cherished friend. He was 61 when he lost a long battle against cancer last week. Van will be missed.

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