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January 28, 2007


War protest draws thousands

Hundreds of Baltimore-area protesters were among the tens of thousands of people who rallied in the nation's capital yesterday demanding an end to the Iraq war. Speakers urged Congress to withhold funding for President Bush's plan to increase troop levels in Iraq. pg 1b

Delays in vaccine compliance

When lawmakers added a pair of vaccinations two years ago to the list of those schoolchildren are required to get, they thought everyone would have plenty of time to get their shots. But 12,000 students without proof of the vaccines were excluded from school last week, and officials were scrambling to get them into compliance. pg 1b


Echoes of run-up to Iraq

As President Bush and his aides calibrate an escalating confrontation with Iran, they are discovering that their words and their strategy are haunted by the echoes of four years ago - when their warnings of terrorist activity and nuclear ambitions were clearly a prelude to war in Iraq. pg 3a


Seven U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

At least seven U.S. soldiers have died since Thursday in combat, the U.S. military said yesterday, amid a steady swirl of violence against American troops and Iraqi civilians. Nationwide, at least 60 Iraqis were killed or found dead yesterday as U.S. and Iraqi officials struggle to calm sectarian passions and reduce the American troop presence. pg 16a

Israeli cluster bombs cited

The Bush administration will inform Congress tomorrow that Israel might have violated agreements with the United States when it fired U.S.-supplied cluster munitions into southern Lebanon during its fight with Hezbollah last summer, the State Department said yesterday. pg 20a


Frequent fliers stand to lose

Passengers and those who monitor air travel say frequent flier programs are in the midst of big changes as major airlines work to ensure their best customers get more of the free tickets. The latest changes cut the time that consumers have to collect miles without using their accounts. pg 1a


Meissner wins national title

Bel Air's Kimmie Meissner is third in the free skate at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Wash., but it was enough to give her her first national title after Emily Hughes tumbled to the ice on one of her jumps. That's an automatic one-point deduction, and it was the difference between silver and gold for the Olympians. pg 1d


Surgeon turns to verse

Dr. Michael Salcman, a Baltimore neurosurgeon and collector of modern art, is reinventing himself as a published author. He's just released his first book of poetry, The Clock Made of Confetti. pg 1e


Ageless style for boomers

Fashion expert Sherrie Mathieson has strong opinions on how baby boomers should dress. She says classic style beats clinging to dated looks from the 1970s and '80s. pg 1n

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