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January 28, 2007|By BILL FREE

Westminster's Alex Held, a 5-foot-8 senior shooting guard, is a three-year starter who averages 10 points, four rebounds and three assists a game. Also known for her strong defensive play, Held carries a 3.7 grade point average and was a three-year starter on the soccer team.

What is your primary goal for the rest of the season?

Probably just to have fun and play better than we have.

What does the team need most to improve?

We need to work with each other more and find that chemistry. We need to depend on each other. We have improved somewhat lately even though we lost two straight games [dropping to an 8-6 record].

What do you like to do most on the basketball court?

My favorite part is defense. I like playing the other team's top player.

What's been the most satisfying accomplishment for you in your high school career?

Just playing basketball, the game I love. Just being a member of the team.

As a three-year starter, do you feel like you're one of the leaders that other players look to?

I do feel a little bit like I have a responsibility to the team to show the way. In a way that's like a good thing because you have other people looking up to you.

Do you plan to play college basketball?

I hope so. I really do. I plan to go to either McDaniel or Lock Haven. I prefer Lock Haven because of the school, not just basketball.

What's the most points you ever scored in a game for Westminster?

Eighteen points. It was against Thomas Johnson last year. We lost that game, but we played a really good game. We came back and won the second time we played them that year.

Does your team have the potential to go the state tournament this year?

We have the potential. We just need to find it in us. We all just need to step up as a team.

Where does soccer fit into the picture?

It's just a sport I grew up playing. It was easy for me, and my father coached. I scored four goals once in an indoor game.

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