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Cooper Strike

January 28, 2007

As reported Jan. 26, 1887, in The Sun :

Some excitement was occasioned in Ellicott City this evening by a strike of the coopers engaged in the shops of Mr. Wm. T. McCauley, at Ellicott City, and also of those employed by Mr. Jackson Isaacs whose shops are about one mile from this place. The coopers demanded an advance of two cents, and a delegation was appointed by the union to state their decision to the proprietors.

Mr. McCauley refused to meet their demands , whereupon the men laid down their tools and left the shops. A delegation from the striking shops in Baltimore visited Ellicott City, and an understanding was entered into as to the course of action.

Mr. McCauley, in answer to a question as to his determination in the matter, said he would not accede to the demand. There were about twenty men who would not join the strikers who will partially carry on work until more men can be obtained.

[ Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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