5 Things I Have To Have Now


Mary Jo Gordon is a connoisseur of the art of life. She finds pleasure in the everyday ("I love the pure visual experience of Loehmann's"), as well as the unusual - art created from things people have thrown away. Gordon, a strong supporter of Baltimore's homegrown artists, recently moved her gallery into a new loft space on Parkdale Avenue in Woodberry. "It's more like your home where you entertain people rather than a business space." Sounds like a place where life and art can comfortably meld.

1. Armoire with a mirrored front from Ikea "For my loft. I love the idea of loft living, and mirrors are a great space enhancer. ... When I had my first house, I had a mirrored Sub-Zero refrigerator. Opening it, you would have to think twice."

2. Found-object artwork by Streckfus "A piece from Leonard Streckfus from the Urban Safari II series. He has a show coming up in Milan. He uses recyclable items. Picasso did it. It's like street art. I love to show people who are inventive and find things on the street - discards - and make them into things."

3. A trip to the South of France "This is my favorite place. Going there with my grown children and my [newborn] first grandchild, Sara Giselle, ideally. The only way I can see my kids is by traveling. I told them the world is your oyster."

4. Picasso ceramics from Vallauris "He made the molds and the designs so they can still pour and make these ceramics. I bought some a long time ago and now they're worth quite a bit."

5. Sculptures "I have a client of mine - a local art supporter - who has a 17-acre landlocked field in Monkton. It's forest primeval. Untouched by any human. Quite unaccessible. So beautiful ... perfect for a sculpture garden. I started my business doing sculpture outdoors. There's nothing like that here. It's my field of dreams ... build it and they will come."

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