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Jessamyn Rau

January 28, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Reporter

Skinny jeans and boots have been ubiquitous this season, showing up everywhere - from runways to high schools to grocery store aisles.

And leg warmers have popped in and out as a fringe trend that only the bravest fashion-lover could don.

But it's rare that someone wears the looks as freshly as Richmond, Va., tourist Jessamyn Rau, in Baltimore to visit the National Aquarium for the day, who throws the three trends together with such casual, carefree flair, she gives us all yet another reason to wish we were tall and thin.

Jessamyn Rau

Age: 29

Residence: Richmond, Va.

Job: Waitress

Self-described style: "I'm definitely funky. I kind of do my own thing. I do what's most comfortable. That's pretty much the priority, and then if it ends up looking cute, then that's great."

The Look: Green plaid button-up shirt. White ribbed tank. Levi's skinny jeans. Brown legwarmers. Roxy boots. Crocheted scarf.

Where it came from: Shirt from H&M. Ribbed tank from Nordstrom. Skinny jeans from the Levi's store. Boots from "a snowboard store in San Francisco." Leg warmers from Forever 21. Scarf from Urban Outfitters.

Skinny legs; skinny jeans: "My legs are really thin. So I tend to wear little small jeans. And I kind of like the layered look, so that's where the leg warmers come in. If I just had the boots on, there would be too much of a gap between my boots and my legs, so that's why I put them on. I'm a little bit self-conscious about it."

Off-the-beaten path: "I like the Bohemian, kind of funky style. I don't like to look too put-together. I like the different colors and patterns and stuff."

Bye-bye pleated plaid: "I grew up going to private school for 13 years so I always wore a uniform during the week. So when I got a chance to dress my own way, I definitely took advantage of it."

Take chances: "I really like fashion. I like new style and stuff, but I don't like it when people think they have to wear what's in fashion. I respect people who take chances."

Bargain-shopper: "My friends like to say that I should do their bargain shopping because I can always put together some stuff from stores that aren't very expensive and it seems like it costs a little bit more than it does."

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