January 27, 2007

Preston off mark with J. Lewis review

I enjoy Sun columnist Mike Preston's straightforward writing style and his weekly post-game report card. However, I have to disagree with his assessment of Jamal Lewis' talent level in comparison to other NFL running backs from his Jan. 14 column after the Ravens' playoff loss ["New offense runs like old clunker"].

There are easily more than 10 running backs better than Lewis at this stage of his career, among them LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, Shaun Alexander, Rudi Johnson, Willie Parker, Willis McGahee, Brian Westbrook, Clinton Portis and Deuce McAllister.

This excludes several who are probably better but cannot be included due to being injury-prone (Fred Taylor), not yet established (Maurice Jones-Drew) or entering retirement (Tiki Barber).

While this is just another man's opinion, clearly Lewis no longer ranks among the elite running backs and should have to accept a reduced role to continue as a Raven in 2007.

Thomas Erisman

Bel Air

Orioles continue their greedy moves

Is there anyone out there who is as stupefied as myself regarding the ineptitude of the Orioles' organization?

First, they were recently named by The Sporting News as one of the "worst pro sports franchises." Ouch!

Then they have the audacity to raise ticket pricing for preferred games, such as those against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Perhaps owner Peter Angelos can instruct the ticket takers at Camden Yards to ask fans to produce New York or Massachusetts drivers' licenses to gain entry into what was once "our" ballpark.

All of this enhances the perception of Orioles fans regarding Mr. Angelos: It has everything [to do] with greed, and very little to do with fielding a competitive team.

To Mr. Angelos, he has done his skewed best to upset what was once a semblance of balance between sport and business.

It raises the question: What do we do when we have not been given appropriate treatment at a business? Did I hear someone say shun that business?

Patrick R. Lynch


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