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January 26, 2007


Cancellation heats up slots fight

In a move that increases pressure for slots legislation this year, the Maryland Jockey Club announced yesterday that a storied Pimlico event first run 70 years ago will be canceled because of competition from states where expanded gambling subsidizes horse tracks. pg 1A

O'Malley weighs in on penalty

Gov. Martin O'Malley said yesterday he would sign a repeal of the death penalty if a bill reaches his desk, weighing in on the issue hours after a coalition of legislators and activists renewed their push to strike Maryland's execution law from the books. pg 1A


NSA electricity shortfall looms

The National Security Agency's impending electricity shortfall is "sort of a national catastrophe," Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said yesterday. pg 1A


Iraq security plan debated

Iraq's Shiite prime minister exchanged heated words with a Sunni lawmaker over the country's new security plan, leading parliament to temporarily suspend debate and Iraqi television to abort its coverage. pg 11A


Pimlico Special canceled

The Pimlico Special, a $500,000 Grade I race that is second in importance in Maryland only to the Preakness Stakes, was canceled this year by the Maryland Jockey Club. pg 1F














IRS warns about tax credit

Long-distance calls cost a lot less than they used to. But that's not exactly the story some people are trying to pull over on the IRS. In claiming the one-time credit for taxes paid on long-distance calls over the last three years, some people are requesting refunds of thousands of dollars. That's more than those people earned, the IRS says. pg 1E

Vindication for Legg Mason

If Legg Mason Inc. Chairman Raymond A. "Chip" Mason was looking for vindication for his acquisition of Citigroup Inc.'s investment unit, he came close to getting it yesterday. The Baltimore-based money manager reported fiscal third-quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates for the first time since the $3.7 billion deal closed in December 2005. pg 1E


A smokin', rip-roaring ride

It's hard to figure where it's going, and when the movie's over, it's even harder figuring where it's been. But the careening roller-coaster ride called Smokin' Aces is such a hoot, who really cares? pg 1C

Garner returns in `Release'

Jennifer Garner plays a heroine who learns to get on with life after her fiance dies in a bachelor-party mishap in Catch And Release. pg 1C

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