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January 25, 2007|By LORI SEARS


If you find the gross to be simply engrossing, there's no question you'll be delightfully grossed-out by the new exhibit Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, running Saturday through April 29 at the Maryland Science Center. With 18 interactive displays and games on runny noses, bad breath, body odors, renal functions, pimples, warts, scabs, the digestive system and other "gross" functions and parts, the exhibit is educational and fun for visitors of all ages.

Visitors can step inside an 8-foot-high nose and be greeted by a burst of air (a sneeze) and learn about this remarkable body part responsible for smelling, filtering air and producing mucus. Also, visitors can ride on the 30-foot-long "GI Slide," which mimics the route food takes on its way from the mouth to the large intestine, or try out the human-skin climbing wall, or play the "Gas Attack" pinball game or the 7-foot-long version of the surgical game "Operation."

The Science Center is at 601 Light St. Admission is $9.50-$18. Through March 31, admission is discounted $5 before noon Saturdays. Call 410-685-5225 or go to for hours.

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