Jessica Nonn, Catonsville, basketball

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January 24, 2007

Catonsville junior Jessica Nonn is a three-sport standout, averaging 8.2 points, 5.1 steals and three assists as a shooting guard for the No. 11 Comets (14-2). Last fall, she earned All-Baltimore County and second-team All-State honors after leading the soccer team in scoring. Nonn, 16, plans to play lacrosse in college and is looking at Maryland and Ohio University among others. She, her parents and two younger siblings have a lifestyle that revolves around sports. She also maintains an A-B average.

How did you start playing sports?

Soccer was my first sport, and that's all because of my dad. He influenced me because he was a good athlete, too. I've always played basketball, because of rec, then it got into travel and into [Amateur Athletic Union]. Lacrosse was the last sport I started playing, but I just picked that up right away.

What's your favorite sport?

I don't really have a favorite. I just love them all. Whenever I'm playing a sport, that's my favorite at the time.

Does your family take active vacations?

Not so much that, but my teams travel all over for tournaments, so everybody would pack up to go to a certain place, and they would vacation while I would be playing.

After making it to the county final last season, what kind of goal do you have for basketball this season?

We're a lot better than I was expecting. Freshman year and sophomore year, we had amazing teams, and this year, we lost all our seniors, but our team's really coming together well. We're very young and we're still learning. Our goal, of course, is to make states.

Why did you choose lacrosse to play in college?

Because I play on a great club team. I play for Heroes, and my coach knows every single college coach possible and he's been helping me. And I love playing lacrosse because I'm not fully up to my skill, and it's great to ... keep on learning.

What do you intend to major in in college?

I had a sports trainer for soccer, and he was amazing. His job is incredible, just to go out and train people who want to become better. Basically, that's what I want to do ... at a high level, maybe the college level. Or sports medicine, sports psychology. Being a coach, maybe a college coach.

Do you ever take a break from sports?

No. I don't. I get bored with myself if I'm not playing sports. If I'm not playing, I'm watching my brother or sister play.

Do you watch TV or anything like that?

We don't have time to watch TV. We don't even have cable. We have practice every day, all of us. The only thing I do is sports and come home and do my homework. I do have a social life, which is important, too, but I don't have lounging time.


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