January 21, 2007|By [Liz Bowie]

Patricia Modell


Actress, homemaker, Ravens part-owner

in the news

She and her husband, Art Modell, pledged $5 million to help start a public boarding school for disadvantaged students. The SEED School, expected to open in fall 2008, will take middle and high school students from around the state. The gift is believed to be one of the largest private contributions to a single public school in Maryland.

career highlights

She was an actress in New York and California in the 1950s, appearing in four plays and 200 live television shows. Among other television series, she acted in Peyton Place and The Twilight Zone. She quit acting when she married Art Modell, then owner of the Browns football team, in the 1960s and moved to Cleveland. She said football replaced acting as her passion. The Modells moved to Baltimore when the Browns came to the city in 1996 and were renamed the Ravens. In 1997, Patricia Modell became owner of the Ravens, with her husband as general partner. The Modells sold control of the team to Stephen J. Bisciotti but remain minority owners.


"A lady never tells her age or sits in the sun," she said. Born in New York, she graduated from a Roman Catholic high school and college in New York. She has two sons and six grandchildren, and lives with her husband in Cockeysville.


A saying of her father's: "Fill your head with knowledge and your heart with love, and you will always be happy."

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