A little something different



January 21, 2007|By Christopher T. Assaf | Christopher T. Assaf,Sun staff

Inauguration day festivities for Gov. Martin O?Malley Wednesday moved slowly along with not much happening. The schedule was being kept but nothing was going anywhere fast.

My job for the day was to cover the parade and photograph O?Malley watching from the reviewing stand. Before that late event I was to search for photographs that might be different from those of fellow photographers Kim Hairston, Karl Merton Ferron and Chiaki Kawajiri.

The introductions and speeches oozed from the speakers, interrupted quickly when U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made her gaffe, and I meandered about. I plopped below the grandstand to watch and photograph O?Malley from an extremely low angle.

Through the viewfinder of my 300 mm lens I watched as everyone stood up for something or another, his wife, Katie, holding their 4-year-old son. For a moment O?Malley looked proudly at his wife and son. Then he quickly popped a peck on Jack. Click. Click. Click. Click. If only the child?s clothing hadn?t been blocking the view.

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