5 Things I Have To Have Now


Married with three kids, Mary Beth Marsden knows about family time. The Baltimore County resident juggles career and chaos without seeming to bat an eyelash. The key: Playtime. Sometimes adults "forget how much fun it is to play," Marsden, 46, says. Her family enjoys games like Nickelodeon Trivial Pursuit. "It's good until people start throwing the pieces." (We hope it's the kids, not the adults.)

1. A new Dell laptop "Because, over the holidays, I spilled coffee on my keyboard and completely fried it."

2. New rotors and brake pads for the Suburban "It makes a really loud, grinding, atrocious noise and people look at you on the street. It's really a good warning indicator."

3. Rolex watch "I've been talking about getting it for a year. It's a Rolex men's watch in stainless steel. Because I'm not a big jewelry person and hardly wear any accessories. ... It's going to take up half my arm and maybe I'll never be late again. Doubt it."

4. YSL mascara "I love it because I have no lashes. It's like lashes on steroids. YSL Faux Cils in black."

5. A board game for the family / Pictionary "Over the holidays, we played a lot of Blokus and Twister - which was a little too difficult."

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