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Alexis MacDonald

January 21, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Reporter

This is the season for the crisp white shirt, which, incidentally, has never really gone out of fashion. It's classic and sexy, simple and clean.

But there's a danger in wearing the staple: if not done right, it's not so much a basic as it is boring.

Alexis MacDonald shows us how to do the white shirt justice, with just a hint of a crisp blouse peeking through under a slim, black sweater and fun-colored pants. Her accessories (animal print and classic) jazz up the look. And even her ponytail looks fresh with a headband added.

Alexis MacDonald

Age: 33

Residence: Northern Virginia

Job: Nurse practitioner (works Fridays at About Faces in Canton)

The Look: Faux snakeskin headband. White shirt. Black fitted sweater. Faux velvet slacks. Black belt. Animal-print shoes.

Where it came from: Headband, Nordstrom. Shirt and slacks from Express. Sweater from Loehmann's. Belt from Nordstrom. Shoes, DSW.

Self-described style: "Very classic. Kind of the old mixed with something a little modern. Very Audrey Hepburn with a little something modern added to it. ... I like that classic look, like Jackie O. I think we've kind of lost that a little bit in this day and age. Everybody shows their belly button, and I don't think you need to do that to get a little attention."

Love affair: "I love clothes. I love fashion. ... It's so much fun."

Little black dress(es): "You know how people say you should have a little black dress? I probably have five or six of them. You can't have too many of them - short sleeve, long-sleeve. There's no reason just to have one. You never know when you're going to need it. And I love pearls. Talk about classic style. Pearls are it."

Inherited style: "I get it from my mother - who is an old political and social butterfly from Palm Beach, Fla. - who always said beauty is never comfortable. So no matter how much your feet hurt ... I always tell anyone I date, I'm not high-maintenance, but it's her fault I am the way I am."

Guys should know: "I won't even date a guy who's wearing tennis shoes. You can tell a lot about a guy from their shoes."

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