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The Kickoff

January 18, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Call me crazy, but I'm rooting for Sammy Sosa to make the Texas Rangers' 25-man roster as a spring training invitee. I'll take any interesting story line, and that one will be worth following.

Too bad the Rangers train in Arizona after all those years in Port Charlotte, Fla. Not exactly a short drive from Fort Lauderdale.

Sosa only needs 12 home runs to reach 600 for his career and be shunned by Hall of Fame voters.

It's amazing how expectations have changed since Sosa joined the Orioles. I sat next to him in the dugout at Fort Lauderdale Stadium during a morning workout when he jokingly asked reporters, "So, do you think I have a chance to make the team?"

We laughed, of course. He could have been reading from the phone book and we would have given him our best Ed McMahon. But it really was a witty remark from a guy who seemed to be pretty comfortable with us and wanted to make a good impression.

Make the team? Good one! Now, he'll have a legitimate reason to ask that question this spring. And I'm guessing that no one will be laughing.

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