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January 17, 2007|By GLENN GRAHAM | GLENN GRAHAM,Sun Reporter

Evan Williams, a 6-foot-3 junior forward and team captain, has been Glenelg Country School's leading scorer since his freshman year, averaging 13.5 points this season to go with 9.6 rebounds. Asked to play inside this season, he has responded with 10 double doubles to lead the Dragons (14-7) atop the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association C Conference with a 6-0 mark. Williams, who maintains a 3.0 grade point average, plays Amateur Athletic Union ball for the Maryland Waves and Lynchburg (Va.) Hoops. His goal is to play Division I basketball in college.

How has your role changed this season and what have been the biggest adjustments?

My first two years I played out on the perimeter, but this year -- after all our big people graduated from last year -- [coach Charlie Stewart] asked me to play down low a little bit and grab a few more rebounds. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help the team win. The biggest thing is just being more physical. I was pretty physical before, but it's more a matter of keeping it up for the entire game.

What are your main responsibilities as the team captain?

I just try to keep the team focused and keep the energy up in practice and make sure we're driven to do the best we can.

What are some advantages of going to a smaller school like Glenelg Country?

At a small school, you get to know everybody better, and I think you get a better education because there's more one-on-one instruction from teachers.

Consistently leading the team in scoring, what is it like being the go-to player?

It was tough my freshman year because I came from teams that had the scoring more spread out, but I'm used to it now. I learned you really have to keep your cool. I used to get real frustrated with referees and sometimes would let opponents get in my head. But I've worked hard on not letting that happen, staying focused and working hard.

How tough was it losing in triple overtime to Annapolis Area Christian in last year's conference semifinals, and how does that provide motivation this year?

We had like four players end up playing the whole game, so we got real tired in the third overtime and started taking bad shots, and our defense started getting a little poor. We just have to stay focused, and when we get tired, we have to learn to work through it. That drives me a lot. It was a home-court game, so we want to ... go even further.

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