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The Kickoff

January 16, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

A few suggestions for the Ravens before the last man leaves the complex and turns out the lights:

Keep Adalius Thomas.

Apologize to Mike Anderson and Derrick Mason. They were both wronged, in different ways.

Draft a speedy running back.

If you need 8 yards, don't throw a 5-yard pass. Please stop doing that.

I'm picking Colts-Saints in the Super Bowl. I know the Bears will be tough at home, especially if the weather is nasty, but their defense can't handle all the Saints' weapons, and Rex Grossman is ... well ... Rex Grossman.

In case you missed the weekend transactions, the Red Sox signed Alex Ochoa to a minor league contract.

Yes, he's still playing.

Maybe they'll trade him for Bobby Bo.

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