Carter indirectly jabs at O'Malley

January 16, 2007

In a holiday speech honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baltimore delegate who has announced plans to run for mayor indirectly criticized Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley for failing to finish the work he started in the city.

Del. Jill P. Carter, a Democrat who has been critical of O'Malley and his policing policies as mayor of Baltimore, said in the House of Delegates' annual King Day address that prosperity has failed to reach all neighborhoods in the city as leaders have focused on building skyscrapers near the harbor rather than redeveloping impoverished areas.

"The reality is, it is easier to get a gun on the street than an education in the classroom," said Carter, a Democrat from Northwest Baltimore. "When will justice come to all parts of Baltimore? When will our leaders finish the job they have begun before moving on to the next opportunity?"

Carter did not mention O'Malley by name, but the governor-elect has faced criticism, particularly from former governor and mayor William Donald Schaefer, for running for higher office while problems remain in the city.

Andrew Green and Justin Fenton

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