Ravens' defense stiffens, but Colts still pad lead

Ravens Extra

January 14, 2007|By [Compiled by Ken Murray]

What went right -- Once again, the defense scuttled a Colts drive and forced Indianapolis to take a field goal, this time from 48 yards, and a 12-3 lead. The Colts had gained 39 yards with two Peyton Manning passes that carried to the Ravens' 33. Late in the quarter, the Ravens came off their goal line with a drive that produced their second field goal.

What went wrong -- For the second time in the game, Ray Lewis tipped a Manning pass that would have been intercepted otherwise. Lewis touched a third-down short toss that Ed Reed couldn't convert into a turnover. The offense continued to struggle until late in the quarter.

Slickest coaching move -- Brian Billick sent his offense back on the field on fourth-and-four from the Colts' 41, enticing Tony Dungy to use his second timeout of the half. That left the Colts with one timeout over the last 23-plus minutes of the game. After the timeout, Billick sent punter Sam Koch onto the field to pin the Colts deep in their territory.

Niftiest catch -- Todd Heap made a spectacular effort to pull in a 23-yard pass from Steve McNair to get the Ravens into Colts' territory. Open down the middle, Heap snared the ball with his right hand and caught it with his left, pulling it into his body.

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