Interception at goal line stops Ravens' momentum

Ravens Extra

January 14, 2007|By [Compiled by Ken Murray]

What went right -- The Ravens' defense rose to the occasion. Safety Ed Reed made a nifty interception when Peyton Manning threw late down the middle of the field. The Ravens should have had a second interception on a Colts field-goal drive, but Ray Lewis tipped the Manning pass and it bounced off Chris McAlister's chest.

What went wrong -- The Ravens' offense was unable to cash in after Jamal Lewis' two strong runs and a nicely thrown pass to Daniel Wilcox put them in scoring position. The Ravens got as close as the 3-yard line, but Steve McNair tried to force a third-down pass to Todd Heap at the goal line and it was intercepted by Antoine Bethea.

Flawed strategy -- To defuse the Ravens' pass rush, the Colts were rushing to the ball to get plays off quickly. Manning unleashed passes quickly, too. With the exception of some out patterns, Manning was unable to generate much of a passing game and finished the half 8-for-17, even though the Ravens didn't sack him.

Changing field position -- The toughest drive of the first half was a 13-play, 65-yard drive covering six minutes of the second quarter for the Colts. They started at their 1 after Bethea's interception and Manning beat a maximum blitz with a third-down pass to Marvin Harrison to get them off the goal line. That drive ended with Adam Vinatieri's 51-yard field goal bouncing gently off the crossbar.

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