Subdivision near park OK'd

Project would provide 33 single-family homes and open space

January 14, 2007|by a sun reporter

Initial plans for a modest subdivision near the Patapsco Valley State Park have won approval.

The development, Grovemont Overlook, would provide 33 single-family detached homes and 9 acres of open space - half of the 17.87-acre project.

The property is on the east side of Landing Road, south of Norris Lane, in Elkridge.

The state park and Belmont Research and Conference Center are to the east and south of the proposed project, and a 174-unit residential subdivision is to the north.

The property of the proposed development is properly zoned, and there was no public opposition Thursday when the Planning Board unanimously approved the preliminary equivalent sketch plan.

That plan is considered the "footprint" of the development, specifying the locations of such things as homes, roads and open space.

The project, by developer Donald R. Reuwer Jr., will be subject to further regulatory review and approval.

"You ask, `What are the resources? What are the limitations and how do we best plan ... to minimize [environmental] impact?'" said Robert H. Vogel, president of the engineering firm of the same name and retained by Reuwer.

Board member David Grabowski said the plan succeeded in protecting the environment.

Vogel, he said, "brought back a plan that's well thought out. ... He's maintained the scenic Landing Road . . . [and] he's not being excessive. For that property, it's a good fit."

Board member Linda A. Dombrowski said the plan "is very much attuned ... to the environment."

There are three houses on the property. One will be demolished, but the others will be retained as part of the subdivision.

The Department of Planning and Zoning said the plan met county regulations and recommended approval.

The department said the open spaces "are designed and located to afford protection to the forest, to serve as a buffer between residential units and adjacent residential parcels."

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