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January 13, 2007













Teacher charged in sex offenses

A popular teacher at a Howard County high school has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of sex offenses against students. The suspect was identied as a 52-year-old science teacher at River Hill High School in Clarksville. pg 1a

Bromwell's severance targeted

Federal prosecutors want to seize the $400,000 severance package to be paid to former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell in return for his stepping down from IWIF, Maryland's largest insurance fund for injured employees. pg 1b

Lending a helping hand

A rural Eastern Shore community rallies to aid a devastated family who lost two children, ages 3 and 12, in an early-morning house fire that officials said was likely caused by a portable kerosene heater. pg 1b


House defies Bush on drug costs

Defying a veto threat from President Bush, the House has approved a bill to require federal officials to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices for the 23 million people who have Medicare's prescription drug coverage. pg 4a


Unknown to head Iraqi military

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has filled the top military job in Baghdad with a virtually unknown Iraqi officer chosen over the objections of top U.S. and Iraqi military commanders, according to officials from both governments. pg 8A

Remember the Mayflower

Jay Hott, president of Baltimore Storage, says he was as surprised as anyone to learn that all those years ago Mayflower Transit Co., his company's parent, had moved the Colts to Indianapolis under cover of darkness and snow. pg 8c


Orioles trade starter Lopez

The Orioles traded starting pitcher Rodrigo Lopez to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for two minor league pitchers. In return for Lopez, who went 60-58 with a 4.72 ERA in five seasons with the club, the Orioles acquired right-handed relievers Jim Miller and Jason Burch. pg 1c


Old posters hanging around?

Vintage posters - some advertising products as mundane as soap and olive oil - are a hot item for collectors, who might shell out millions for rare examples of the craft. We offer some tips on the art of collecting them, and you don't need to be rich to start. pg 1e

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