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January 11, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

Idon't know what the Ravens have planned for Saturday's pre-game ceremony, but if they really want to fire up the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium, why not bring back and introduce some of the old Colts?

The place would go absolutely mad. Right before the pre-game, introduce Lenny Moore, then Tom Matte. Bring back Bert Jones or Lydell Mitchell. And, of course, then introduce the Ravens and let Ray Lewis dance.

Wow! The excitement would register on the Richter scale.

Colts owner Jim Irsay always attempts to wipe his hands of the Colts' move from Baltimore to Indianapolis, but he could have made a serious peace offer by giving the name and colors back to Baltimore.

Somebody should remind this guy that Art Modell offered to buy the name and the Colts logo back from him for $5 million soon after he moved his franchise here.

A very smug Jim Irsay said he planned on keeping the logo, and that it brought his team luck.


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