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January 11, 2007

For nine seasons (1965-73), Roy Hilton policed the right side of the Baltimore Colts? defensive line. For the past 20 years, he has been a campus security officer at Johns Hopkins University.

Hilton, 63, a defensive end and starter on the Colts? 1970 NFL championship team, has patrolled the Hopkins? athletic center.

A grandson, Marquis Sullivan, attends Loyola College, where he stars in basketball. Give the edge to the Ravens on Saturday, Hilton says. ?Physically, they will manhandle the Colts,? he said. ?Indianapolis has great talent, and if [Peyton] Manning gets in a groove he can put 50 points on you faster than a hiccup. But Manning can be intimidated, and the Ravens? defense makes people pay.? -- MIKE KLINGMAN


What could you do with a 1950s-era AMC Rambler besides drive it? You could create a shrine to your beloved football team. Baltimore?s Vic Dahle (right) and his father show off their Coltmobile in November 1962, leaving little doubt where their allegiances lay. The car was painted Colts blue and white, had stenciled slogans and was adorned with toy horses and Colts bobblehead dolls.

BALTIMORE BUZZ Comments posted from fans to our blog site at I'm well aware of the [Colts?] history, and it's all a very intriguing story. But enough is enough. . . . This city has a team, the Ravens! I don?t care about the Colts. I don't care about the uniforms. And I don?t care about their owner. This city?s team is the Baltimore Ravens, and I hope that never changes. Definitely reached the saturation point. ... I wonder if fans will have anything left after this game for another home game should San Diego lose. Has anyone actually talked about the matchup or the game? If I have to hear Bob from Parkville call in bemoaning Irsay and reliving how great the Colts were ...

Sorry, but no one should have ever mentioned the Colts again after the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Most of us growing up, who only knew the Baltimore Colts, hoped that the city?s team would always be the Baltimore Colts. I hope you never experience it.

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? Spawn of Bob Irsay owns football team. ? Setting for goofy new reality show, Armed and Famous, starring Erik Estrada and LaToya Jackson as celebrity cops.

? Lame city slogan, ?Enjoy Indiana,? sounds like bad Hallmark card.

? After spending $350,000 to come up with new slogan, ?The New Midwest? roundly rejected by focus groups. ? Launched political career of Benjamin Harrison, tiny (5 feet 6), obscure 23rd U.S. prez BALTIMORE ? Bob Irsay once owned football team. ? More than 130 light poles stolen from city streets without cops having a clue. ? Former police commissioner Ed Norris charged with misusing special fund for trysts with girlfriends. ? Bizarre pronouncements of ex-mayor William Donald Schaefer, the gift that keeps on giving. ? City slogan ?Get In On It? even more lame than Indy?s.

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