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January 10, 2007|By GLENN GRAHAM | GLENN GRAHAM,Sun Reporter

All-County junior guard Miriam McKenzie is a team captain in her third season starting for Oakland Mills. Playing both guard positions and some at small forward, McKenzie is averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds for the Scorpions this season. McKenzie, 5 feet 8, started playing basketball when she was 6 and spent the past two seasons playing Amateur Athletic Union ball for the Maryland Hurricanes. She maintains a 3.3 grade point average, and her favorite class is French, which she took up in seventh grade. McKenzie also enjoys playing tennis and follows the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, along with the New York Yankees.

What do you enjoy most about basketball?

Everything. Playing, watching other games and stuff. I try to learn from observations, see what the players have out there and try to keep up.

Which do you enjoy playing more - point guard or shooting guard?

I enjoy playing point guard, but shooting guard is fine with me, too - catch and shoot, drive to the basket. I probably like setting people up, too, so I'd say the point. Playing point guard, you're like the quarterback. The ball is in your hands like 90 percent of the time, and you feel responsible for whatever happens, whether it's good or bad. I just like being able to control the game.

What's more rewarding: scoring or playing tough defense?

I really like defense, actually. Offense has always come naturally, while defense is something I've really had to work on the past few years, and that's what wins games. I like the challenge of guarding the opponents' top scorer, but I can't always do that because Coach needs me to try to stay out of foul trouble.

What was your best moment on the basketball court at Oakland Mills?

I had a game-winning basket against Glenelg last year. There were a few seconds left, and I dribbled right and kind of put up a layup. It bounced up off the rim and then went in. It was exciting, and I was pretty happy.


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