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January 09, 2007


Iraq debate shaping up

President Bush's latest strategy for Iraq is shaping up as the start of a bruising debate with Congress over the course of the war and an early test of how far Democrats are willing to go to block Bush's plans. pg 1a

Wildfire ravages Malibu

A wildfire fanned by Santa Ana winds destroyed four seaside mansions and damaged two others as it spread over more than 20 acres in the celebrity enclave of Malibu, Calif., authorities said. pg 3a


Somali suspects hunted

Under cover of the Ethiopian move into Somalia, U.S. officials launched an intensive effort to capture or kill three key suspects in the bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa more than eight years ago that killed 224 people. pg 1a


Hopkins strangler gets life

Donta Maurice Allen, a high school dropout and transient restaurant worker, received a life sentence yesterday in Baltimore Circuit Court in the choking and beating death of Johns Hopkins student Linda Trinh. He will be eligible for parole. In a lengthy speech in court, Allen expressed how sorry he was and said, "I deserve a life sentence." pg 1b

Teacher accused of sex offenses

A teacher at Glenelg High School in Howard County has been arrested and charged with several sex offenses after some students said he sent them computer messages of a sexual nature and one said he sexually abused her. pg 1b








S&P -- UP






Sinclair withholds programs

Hunt Valley-based Sinclair Broadcasting continues to withhold programming on Fox and other television networks from stations in 13 states in a pricing dispute, and Comcast, which serves much of Maryland, might face a similar battle soon. pg 1a

FDA approves new FluMist

MedImmune Inc. said yesterday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a refrigerated version of its FluMist vaccine to replace the current frozen formulation. pg 1e


Orioles moving to WHFS-FM

The Orioles announced that radio broadcasts of their games this season will be moved to WHFS-FM 105.7. The move ends a 19-year relationship between the Orioles and WBAL-AM. WHFS will become the flagship station for the 16-station Orioles Radio Network. pg 1d


Eyes on musical prize

Renowned author and historian Taylor Branch reaches back to his musical roots, reuniting with college band-mates to produce a 12-track CD of 1960s music. pg 1c

To gift, perchance to dream

Baltimore Shakespeare Festival receives a $1 million gift from an anonymous donor. pg 1c

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