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Crime Watch

January 09, 2007

Givens is sentenced to life without parole

A former handyman found guilty of first-degree murder in his fifth trial was sentenced yesterday in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Judge Philip T. Caroom followed the recommendation of the state's attorney's office in sentencing Albert G. Givens, 52, who was convicted last month of killing Arnold resident Marlene Kilpatrick, 55.

It was the third time Givens had received this sentence for bludgeoning and fatally stabbing his friend's mother in her home.

Givens was sentenced in 1993 to life in prison and served nearly six years before a judge voided his conviction, ruling Givens' attorneys bungled the case.

Givens' trial in 2003 ended in a hung jury. He was convicted again in 2004 and sentenced to life without parole, but an appellate court overturned that decision.

At Givens' fourth trial, in April 2006, Kilpatrick's daughter testified that Givens had made an unwelcome pass at her mother - something she did not know firsthand. The judge declared a mistrial.

Phillip McGowan

Robber gets 17 1/2 -year term

A Hagerstown man was given a 17 1/2 -year prison sentence for bank robbery yesterday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. Chief U.S. District Judge Benson E. Legg labeled Jerry Jenkins, 33, an "armed career criminal" under federal law, which can increase a sentence. According to the evidence at his trial in October, Jenkins on March 11, 2004, handed a teller a note demanding $3,000, got the money and walked out.

Matthew Dolan

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