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January 07, 2007


State's honeymoon countdown

Despite the losses by Republicans and the inauguration next week of a Democratic governor, the potential for fierce debate remains as the General Assembly convenes this week. The state will be grappling with billion-dollar budget shortfalls, growing pressure to expand health care access, and decisions on the death penalty and gay marriage. pg 1a

NIH lab may need overhaul

The National Institutes of Health says it is considering "extensive" renovations to an aging research laboratory in Southeast Baltimore because the new, $250 million lab built nearby as a replacement vibrates so much that tests there could be compromised. pg 1b


Military calls for more troops

As Taliban forces are poised for a major offensive against U.S. troops and undermanned NATO forces in Afghanistan, U.S. commanders have issued an urgent appeal for reinforcements. The officers describe NATO's operation as weak, hobbled by a shortage of manpower and equipment. pg 1a

Gates funds at cross-purposes

The Gates Foundation has poured $218 million into polio and measles immunization and research worldwide. But it has also invested $423 million in oil companies responsible for pollution beyond anything permitted in the U.S. With such actions, the foundation reaps vast financial gains from investments that contravene its good works. pg 15a


Colorado avalanche buries cars

After three snowstorms in as many weeks, a 100-foot-wide avalanche knocked two cars off a mountain pass yesterday on the main highway to one of Colorado's largest ski areas. Eight people were rescued from the buried vehicles. pg 3a

Army apologizes for blunder

The Army blamed a computer mix-up yesterday for recruitment letters mistakenly sent out over the holidays to the families of 275 officers killed or wounded in action in Iraq. "Every Army leader is just sick that this happened," said Gen. Richard Cody, the Army's vice chief of staff. pg 9a


Saving with smart meters

BGE will begin testing "smart" electricity meters that could reward customers who use less power during times of peak demand, such as on hot summer afternoons. The technology allows utilities to measure a customer's power use on an hourly basis without the need for meter readers. pg 1a


Colts advance to face Ravens

The Indianapolis Colts overcame a sloppy day by quarterback Peyton Manning with a strong defensive effort to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 23-8. The Ravens will host the Colts in an NFL divisional playoff game next weekend. pg 1d


Power plays, Elizabethan style

Get ready for the citywide, six-month "Shakespeare in Washington" festival. It may be the largest Shakespeare festival ever mounted in this country. pg 1e

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