January 07, 2007

Stephen G. Samuel Moxley


Surety bond underwriter, Baltimore County councilman


Moxley, a Democrat, was elected chairman of the Baltimore County Council on Tuesday. He said he expects the council will have to deal this year with the effect of slower home sales and less revenue from the state.


Moxley has served on the council since 1994, and served as chairman in 1998, 2001 and 2004. When running for re-election this fall, he said one of his biggest accomplishments was making zoning changes on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus that paved the way for development of a research park. He also pointed to legislation he worked on that now requires county planners to consider projects in conjunction with existing plans in determining their potential impact on schools, roads and police, and to the efforts to redevelop older neighborhoods. He is a regional manager for International Fidelity Insurance Company.


Moxley, 47, was raised in Catonsville, and lives there with his wife, Mary Jo. They have three adult children. He graduated from Mount St. Joseph High School in 1977, earned an accounting degree from Loyola College in 1981, and graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1991.


"My philosophy is to do the best I can and to make the most out of every minute that is given to me. Spending time with my family, and my friends, is a key component to happiness."

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