January 07, 2007

THE ISSUE: -- Claiming that county rules limit their options, developers planning projects in some rural areas of Howard County have scheduled meetings outdoors at night during the winter to inform residents of their building plans. One hired a charter bus because no nearby public rooms were available. A bill to widen the choices of rooms was introduced last week. Do you think the county government should take over responsibility for scheduling these meetings, as one developer suggested?

It's the developers' responsibility

Absolutely not!

Why should the county government make the greedy developers jobs any easier? Developers in Howard County are not making life any easier for me as I face overcrowded roads, schools, etc. Just because it's "a pain" as Donald Ruewer proclaims it to be, they and they alone should shoulder the responsibility. They should also not be allowed to hold inconvenient meetings. Meetings should be convenient and at a reasonable time so the citizens can voice there opinions, even if its not what the developers want to hear.

George Osing

Ellicott City

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