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Freda Davenport

January 07, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Reporter

It's Friday, after work, and time to wind down. Many of the area's grown-'n'-sexy crowd find their way to Silver Shadows nightclub in Columbia for a chilled-out way to start the weekend. They come in their business suits and casual Friday best (no jeans or athletic wear are allowed) and leave their ID badges in the car. No 9-to-5 talk here.

But some come jazzier than others. Something about their styles speaks less about winding down and more about cranking it up!

Freda Davenport, in a saucy little tam, was just one of those - on this night - with a little more funk in her fashion. Her outfit suggests that, for her, Monday is a looong way away.

Freda Davenport

Age: 44

Residence: Northeast Baltimore

Job: sales coordinator at FedEx

Self-described style: "I am very flashy, colorful. I don't really like earth tones too much. I like bright colors."

The Look: Rose-colored leather jacket. Brown turtleneck. Leather sash-style belt. Brown slacks, tucked stylishly into brown high-heeled boots. Beaded necklace. Brown tam.

Where it came from: Jacket from a consignment shop near the Rotunda that she thinks is called Sally's Boutique. Turtleneck from Macy's. Belt from Delia's. Slacks from Express. Boots from DSW. Necklace borrowed from her daughter, who purchased it at Claire's. Tam, can't recall.

One person's cast-offs ... : "I shop a lot at consignment shops. I like to find things other people don't have."

Style, even at work: "I like clothes and style. Believe it or not, at work I'm known as the fashion person."

Individuality is key: "I just like style. I don't like being like other people. That's why I like consignment shops, because if I buy stuff, I don't want to see it on other people."

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