January 06, 2007

Columnists should be like Eisenberg

Back when Sun columnist John Eisenberg took a leave of absence, my reaction was "no big deal." It wasn't until he was gone that I realized how much I enjoyed his fact-opinion articles and his writing in general.

Laura Vecsey came to town and never got the memo that she wasn't in Seattle anymore, as every article she ever wrote on the Orioles had some reference to the Mariners.

Then came Rick Maese, who, I believe, covered Cal Ripken's retirement five years ago for his junior high school newspaper. Now that Maese is all grown up, he uses his laptop as a weapon to hit Peter Angelos in the head as often as possible.

Then there's Mike Preston, who likes to bash Brian Billick. As negative as Preston is, he wrote a 100 percent positive article on the Ravens on Dec. 27 ["Well-rounded Ravens shaping up to be best team in NFL"], but there wasn't one mention of Billick. It was either a huge oversight or Preston's refusal to say anything nice about the coach.

I'm all for telling it like it is, but maybe Eisenberg can teach Maese and Preston how to throw a few facts in with all the negative opinions. It might make for better reading.

Mike Block


Where is column about Duke now?

Back in March and April, The Sun's David Steele editorialized about race and privilege, using the rape case against three Duke lacrosse players to highlight his point.

Given the recent course of events relating to that case -- specifically the district attorney's dropping of rape charges because of a lack of evidence -- I would be curious to see whether Steele would consider editorializing about sensationalism in the media and the lack of due process in our society.

Ryon Acey


Orioles quietly make right moves

While the Ravens have captured the imagination of the city, the Orioles have made some substantial moves in the offseason. The signing of Aubrey Huff caps off a practical, no-nonsense offseason.

The team very quietly greatly improved its bullpen (badly needed) and now has signed a power-hitting outfielder with a great upside.

Baltimore sports fans, be happy: The Ravens, Orioles and Terps basketball team are collectively on their way back from the doldrums, and 2007 could shape up as one of the best in Maryland sports history.

Ray O'Brocki


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