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January 05, 2007


Pelosi assumes speaker seat

Returning to power for the first time in 12 years, House Democrats elected Nancy Pelosi as the first woman speaker and moved swiftly to adopt rules to rein in the influence of lobbyists. pg 1A

Negroponte exit far-reaching

John D. Negroponte's exit from the nation's top spy post after just 19 months will stall reform efforts and sow further instability and confusion among U.S. intelligence agencies, and leaves his likely successor with little time to establish the fledgling spy chief's office, lawmakers and officials said. pg 1A


Mercy offers to move home

Mercy Medical Center has offered $400,000 to spare one of a row of historic downtown homes and rebuild it in a city museum, but preservationists have rejected the hospital's offer. They insist the historic rowhouses be preserved on site. pg 1A

McDonald's concerns raised

Baltimore's health commissioner has written a letter to McDonald's corporate officials expressing concern over the large number of city franchises that have been temporarily closed since September due to health code violations. Company officials pledge to do a better job at sanitation. pg 1A


Ex-lacrosse player sues Duke

Former Duke men's lacrosse player Kyle Dowd sued the university, claiming he was wrongly given a failing grade last spring because a visiting professor was influenced by allegations that three other lacrosse players sexually assaulted a woman. pg 9f








S&P -- UP






Slow holiday for retailers

Last-minute discounts and special promotions did not appear to help salvage a lackluster holiday shopping season for many of the nation's retailers, with various merchants yesterday reporting disappointing December sales. Retailers are now counting on customers to spend their gift cards this month to spur sales. pg 1E


Four dead in Ramallah fight

Israeli troops staged a rare incursion into Ramallah, bulldozing cars and vegetable stands near the central square as they engaged gunmen and stone-throwing residents in a chaotic two-hour battle that left four Palestinians dead. pg 11A

China builds Guinea-Bissau

China paid for the marble and tile parliament building soaring above the crumbling homes of the former Portuguese colony of Guinea-Bissau, and it is also promising a dam and a military hospital, all with none of the political strings Western donors might attach. pg 11A


Emotional ups, downs in `Veil'

Edward Norton and Naomi Watts put the audience on an emotional teeter-totter in The Painted Veil, the story of an aggrieved scientist and his wayward wife working through their marital woes during a cholera epidemic in China. pg 1C

A bleak vision

The future looks bleak in Children of Men, a sci-fi thriller that has less to do with the plot - centering on a world where disease has left all the women sterile - than with the director's vision of where our culture is headed. pg 1C

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