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January 02, 2007|By RAY FRAGER

Let's hope other broadcasters were taking note of Andrea Kremer's interview with Brett Favre at the end of NBC's NFL game Sunday night. As she was asking him whether he had just played his last game, Favre grew emotional. Kremer didn't milk the moment, didn't badger him but didn't get caught up, either. Respectfully, but firmly, she probed to find out if he was ready to announce his retirement. Jim Gray, were you watching?

Just a small suggestion for Charley Casserly: When you're delivering your information on The NFL Today, try not to use "now" so much. The habit was particularly evident Sunday, when Casserly constantly used it as a bridge from one idea to another.

Speaking of which, he delivered another notable nugget when he said NFL teams would be inserting clauses into head coaches' contracts to keep them from leaving to take increasingly lucrative college jobs.

Who knew Bob Griese had so much personality? During yesterday's Capital One Bowl, Paul Maguire continued to bring out the teasing best in his analyst partner. And you're not going to find many play-by-play men better than Brad Nessler.

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