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January 01, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Do I think Jay Gibbons becomes more expendable now that the Orioles have reached agreement with Aubrey Huff? Not considering that there isn't much of a market for him right now, and the Orioles aren't going to give him away. At this point, he'd be more of a throw-in in a deal involving another player.

There is room for Huff and Gibbons. Huff can play left field or first base while Gibbons serves as the designated hitter. And I still think there's room for Craig Wilson, too.

Without Wilson, the bench could look like this: Jay Payton/Kevin Millar/Gibbons (depending on the lineup), Chris Gomez, Paul Bako and Freddie Bynum. Or Adam Stern. Or Brandon Fahey. Or Jason Dubois. Or Jon Knott.

Pretty intimidating, huh? I think Wilson, if he isn't expecting to play 162 games, still makes sense. And again, it's not my money.

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