Team Rankings

Nfl Week

December 31, 2006|By [Compiled by Tribune Publishing reporters; this week's comments by Ken Murray, The Sun]

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Chargers (1)

Philip Rivers has hit the wall.

2. Ravens (2)

Just one Rivers pass from taking No. 1 seed.

3. Bears (3)

Defense is in retreat.

4. Patriots (5)

Tom Brady's willpower is still enough.

5. Saints (6)

Can they finish the miracle season?

6. Colts (4)

Who will pay for this collapse?

7. Eagles (9)

This is Andy Reid at his best.

8. Jets (12)

Soft schedule, new coach make difference.

9. Broncos (13)

Jay Cutler is the real deal.

10. Cowboys (7)

This is what you get with Terrell Owens.

11. Titans (14)

If only Vince Young was installed earlier.

12. Bengals (8)

Came up small in big games.

13. Seahawks (11)

Losing Super Bowl brings bad times.

14. Jaguars (10)

Forget '06; who's the quarterback in '07?

15. Chiefs (17)

Loss in Cleveland will haunt Chiefs.

16. Bills (19)

J.P. Losman has made a lot of strides.

17.Rams (24)

Had a nice win against the Redskins.

18. Steelers (18)

Bill Cowher doesn't look like he'll stay.

19. Giants (15)

Every man for the lifeboats.

20. Packers (23)

Brett Favre isn't leaving anytime soon.

21. Falcons (16)

Jim Mora may get his wish.

22. Panthers (20)

Biggest underachievers this season.

23. Dolphins (21)

Is Nick Saban on his way to Alabama?

24. 49ers (22)

Mike Nolan has built a good foundation.

25. Vikings (25)

Run defense must be overrated.

26. Redskins (26)

Oh so close to being mediocre.

27. Cardinals (27)

See you later, Dennis Green.

28. Texans (29)

David Carr has had enough time to show.

29. Buccaneers (30)

Tim Rattay is probably not the answer.

30. Browns (30)

The search for a QB never ends.

31. Lions (31)

How does Matt Millen keep his job?

32. Raiders (32)

Another Al Davis yes man fails.

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