December 31, 2006|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | Michelle Deal-Zimmerman,Sun Repoter

Diane Bell McKoy, 55, describes herself as a constant shopper. But not for material things. She's shopping for donors. As the new CEO of Maryland's largest African-American philanthropic organization, she's focused on reaching out to the community. "When I'm out in public for different events, I'm always shopping for opportunities to make connections," says Bell McKoy, who lives in Ten Hills. She is also writing a book and continuing to mentor young women. Perhaps a donation of one's time is the best gift of all.

1 Treo Smartphone "A PDA [personal digital assistant] that's a more useful and better way to connect to people, especially donors, more readily."

2 Children's toys and clothing "I'm always shopping for items to donate to others. That's what I do every holiday season."

3 A publisher "I'm writing a book about leadership ... about giving back to a younger generation. Making sure we are passing the baton."

4 Shoes "I'm too embarrassed to have anyone know how many pairs of shoes I have. I love shoes. I will buy a pair of shoes in a color that's unique and then I will find an outfit to match them."

5 Memory cards "A friend of mine is from Liberia and she has given us a wish list for family and children who are outside the country ... refugees. There's a young man who is doing photojournalism of the camp. He takes pictures and needs cards for his digital camera so he can continue his work."


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