The Week That Was

December 31, 2006

IWIF cuts ties with Bromwell

Maryland's Injured Workers' Insurance Fund has severed ties with its embattled leader, agreeing to pay former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell $400,000 to step down before his trial on federal corruption charges.

State home values still rising

State assessment notices being mailed to 661,000 Maryland property owners showed another huge jump in home values, with lower-priced properties increasing in value faster than higher-priced ones. The average annual statewide increase was 18.7 percent, down from last year's all-time peak of 20.1 percent.

Zoo seeks more funding

Facing a record budget deficit, rising costs and slumping attendance, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is seeking an additional $4 million in funding to maintain its operations.

Union Memorial wants helipad

Union Memorial Hospital wants to build a rooftop landing pad for helicopters, prompting worries from neighboring Charles Village, Oakenshawe and Guilford about noise and safety.

3 correctional officers injured

Three correctional officers were treated at a hospital and released after they were stabbed by an inmate at Maryland Correctional Institution at Jessup, a maximum security prison that houses many of Maryland's most dangerous and difficult-to-handle inmates, prison officials said.

Helping city schoolchildren

Baltimore has hired 27 people to coordinate community schools that help low-income students and their families to find all the social services they need, often providing some of the services on site. The concept has taken off in Baltimore this academic year.

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