Broken Main Dries Up Ellicott City


December 31, 2006

As reported in the Dec. 31, 1938, Evening Sun :

"Water service to Ellicott City was restored today after the town had "gone dry" for thirteen hours when its main water line burst. Not a faucet in the town ran from 8:30 o'clock last night until late this morning.

"The leak in the main was discovered by William F. Kirkwood, a clerk in the Ellicott City Post Office, who said he was going down Fels Lane, under which the main is buried, when he noticed water bubbling from the middle of the road. He stopped to investigate, and as he pressed down on the earth with his foot, a spout of water shot up.

"Kirkwood notified Chester Litchfield, local water works superintendent. Litchfield and a crew of four workmen worked all night to get the main repaired.

"The break occurred on Fels Lane about one mile from the pumping station on the same road. The station is two miles from Ellicott City. The lane, once a busy thoroughfare, has borne little traffic since the paving of Rogers Avenue, which parallels it."

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