December 31, 2006

We want your opinions


A disturbed 24-year-old Pasadena man died after a struggle with Anne Arundel police Wednesday night, the second time this year that someone with a mental illness died during a confrontation with county officers.

Steven Ray Ellison was allegedly delusional and assaulted four people before an officer arrived. Six were needed to subdue and handcuff him, police said. Ellison then stopped breathing and never regained consciousness. Homicide detectives and the state's attorney's office are investigating. The autopsy report has not been released, but county police said Friday that it found no signs of trauma on Ellison's body.

Lt. David Waltemeyer, a county police spokesman, said the officers' top concern was ensuring the safety of everyone on the scene. He added that police were not aware of Ellison's history of mental illness and that one of its mental health crisis teams would not have been called in, regardless, because Ellison was violent.


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