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December 30, 2006


Mourning for Ford begins

Borne by eight U.S. servicemen in crisp dress uniforms, Gerald R. Ford's flag-draped casket was carried past his widow into their hometown church yesterday for a public viewing that marked the start of six days of mourning for the former president. pg 3A

Another winter storm hits Colo.

Denver and smaller communities along the front range of the Rockies hunkered under a thick padding of snow and ice yesterday, buried by the second monster storm in a week, with more expected overnight. pg 3A


Club of Baltimore still has sway

Seventy-five years after it was founded, the Club of Baltimore, a group created by prominent African-Americans to grow their meager savings, is still a place where men of stature come to discuss the ins and outs of the stock market and the news of the day. pg 1A

3 correctional officers injured

Three correctional officers were treated at a hospital and released yesterday after they were stabbed by an inmate at Jessup Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison that houses many of Maryland's most dangerous and difficult-to-handle inmates, prison officials said. pg 1B


Somalia's premier in capital

A day after the fall of Mogadishu, Somalia's transitional prime minister made a symbolic visit yesterday to the tense capital, where he was met with a mix of cheers and jeers. pg 8A

Markets end a good year

Wall Street yesterday wrapped up a surprisingly good year in which the Dow Jones industrial average hit an all-time high and the Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq composite indexes had their largest advances since 2003. pg 11C


O's make offer to Huff

The Orioles made a contract offer to Aubrey Huff, one of the most accomplished players left on the free-agent market. Exact details of the contract offer are unknown, but one industry source said that the Orioles proposed a three-year deal to Huff, worth in the neighborhood of $6 million per season. pg 1C


Making room for manspace

Once, a man's home was his castle. These days, he's lucky if he gets a corner of the garage to call his own. Women typically have control of the house, says Sam Martin, author of the new book Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory. And the guys' stuff gets pushed into some closet or relegated to a bedside table. pg 1D









Quote of the day

"I want to be president one day, so anything presidential, I'm here."

Aaron Magness, a freshman at the University of Oklahoma, who arrived early to mourn former President Gerald R. Ford Article, PG 3A

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