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December 27, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

The New York Yankees apparently are looking to trade Randy Johnson, who just happens to possess a no-trade clause in his contract. He'd probably surrender it for a chance to pitch on the West Coast. He won't be coming to Baltimore.

Just to halt that rumor before it starts.

I guess the Yankees need to make room for Carl Pavano, just in case he's ready to, you know, pitch.

The Orioles remain in talks with the representatives for Craig Wilson and Aubrey Huff, but it doesn't appear that anything is imminent. It should be fairly quiet this week. It usually is between Christmas and Jan. 1. But phone calls are being made each day.

The Orioles' Fanfest is scheduled for Jan. 14. How fast will that change if the Ravens have a home playoff game that day?

Quick: You only have time to get one autograph. Do you stand in line for Jamie Walker, Chad Bradford, Danys Baez or Scott Williamson? Or are you preoccupied with getting Paul Bako's signature? Me? I'm going straight to Freddie Bynum.

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