Team Rankings

Nfl Week

December 24, 2006|By [ Compiled by Tribune Publishing reporters; this week's comments by Gary Blockus, Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call.]

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Chargers (1)

Everyone should see LaDainian Tomlinson once this season.

2. Ravens (2)

Kyle Boller helps Ravens get a playoff spot.

3. Bears (3)

How much will Tank Johnson debacle affect defense?

4. Colts (4)

Best defense is the right Manning playing quarterback.

5. Patriots (6)

All fired up after blowout win over Texans.

6. Saints (5)

Clinched division back-door style.

7. Cowboys (8)

Can lose to Eagles and still win division.

8. Bengals (9)

Checking police blotter for appropriate comment.

9. Eagles (12)

Looking for Christmas miracle in Dallas.

10. Jaguars (7)

Gave up 98 yards to Titans and still lost.

11. Seahawks (10)

Shaun Alexander hasn't been the same since his injury.

12. Jets (13)

Challenging for playoffs with smoke and mirrors.

13. Broncos (15)

Face wild-card showdown in Denver.

14. Titans (17)

Three defensive TDs upset Jaguars.

15. Giants (11)

Tiki Barber's last home game might be last one for Tom Coughlin, too.

16. Falcons (16)

Made Terrell Owens spitting mad.

17. Chiefs (14)

Once-promising season all but over.

18. Steelers (21)

Have won five of six games.

19. Bills (19)

Proof that the AFC's mediocre teams are better than the NFC's mediocre teams.

20. Panthers (20)

Still not eliminated from playoffs after being the favorite to win the NFC.

21. Dolphins (18)

Got shut out in Buffalo.

22. 49ers (25)

Will try to finish 8-8.

23. Packers (24)

Ugly win in possible Brett Favre home finale.

24. Rams (23)

After strong start, just 2-7 in past nine.

25. Vikings (22)

Welcome to the NFL, Tavaris Jackson.

26. Redskins (26)

Jason Campbell starting to play like an NFL quarterback.

27. Cardinals (27)

Dennis Green ready to ride into the sunset.

28. Browns (28)

Heart of rock and roll but liver of a chicken.

29. Texans (29)

Patriots last week, Colts this week. Happy holidays!

30. Buccaneers (30)

Took Bears to the limit but lost.

31. Lions (31)

A Christmas Eve present for the Bears.

32. Raiders (32)

In a fight with Detroit for No. 1 pick.

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