5 Things I Have To Have Now

December 24, 2006|By [MICHELLE DEAL-ZIMMERMAN]

David Pittenger, 57, may swim with the fishes, but he also eats them. Well, not the ones in the National Aquarium in Baltimore, of course, but he's not opposed to a nice seafood dinner. After more than 25 years at the aquarium, Pittenger, who lives in Cockeysville with his wife, Twig George, is quite fond of its residents, especially the dolphins and the fruit bats -- or flying foxes. "People have the wrong impression of bats. The bats we have are more of a Yorkshire terrier with wings." We'll take his word for it.


Return trip to Australia's Northern Territory

"To spend a month going to Arnhem Land [the Aboriginal homeland]. It's a beautiful wilderness and has a very rich history. ... People have lived in that part of the world for 40,000 years."


High-mileage, four-wheel-drive vehicle

"I used to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but now my wife and I drive [hybrid Toyota] Priuses. We've been waiting for a hybrid or alternative-fuel four-wheel-drive vehicle. Something that gets high mileage -- 45 to 50 mpg. Now when it snows a lot, I get snowbound."


Segway Personal Transporter

"One that can go along the Appalachian Trail. I'd like to finish hiking the trail. I started right after college and have about 2,000 miles left."


Spanish lessons

"We're thinking about maybe doing an immersion kind of experience in Costa Rica or Mexico, where you go to live with a family."


A fly rod

"So I can fish more on the Gunpowder. Not really many people go there, and it's a beautiful area. You almost never catch any fish [because] they are very hard to catch. But it's one of the most under- utilized natural areas around here."

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