Did you think St. Nick would turn his back on blogland?

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December 24, 2006|By Troy McCullough | Troy McCullough,sun Columnist

Santa has always been a technologically savvy guy. He's got an aerodynamic sleigh, a reindeer with a nose-illumination device, and a bag presumably full of PlayStation 3s and Nintendo Wiis.

So it shouldn't be any surprise that the big guy is blogging.

Where he finds the time is anybody's guess, but Santa has several blogs up and running this holiday season.

On Santa's 2006 Holiday Blog (clauschronicles.blogspot.com), Mr. Claus lists 100 facts about himself that you might not otherwise have known. "My favorite gift to give ... it's a three-way tie ... first train set, first doll, and first bike. No other gifts truly excite kids like those three gifts do," he says in a nod to tradition.

"I have done a fair amount of post-graduate work," he also admits. "I have a Master's of Business Administration as well as a Master's in Supply Chain Studies."

And maybe his most shocking admission: "I had a tattoo in the '70s. But I had it removed in the '80s."

On Santa's Journal (www.santasjournal.com/journal/), Mr. Claus has posted several blog entries and podcasts with the help of some of his elves.

In a recent post, Santa describes how a botched cookie recipe turned out to be a wonderful new creation he dubbed Santa's Cookie Cake: "I asked Mrs. Claus what I did wrong and she told me that I accidentally put two cups of flour in the bowl when I should have put three. What turned out to be my mistake is now a new favourite recipe."

See the Dec. 14 entry on the blog (santasjournal.com/journal/?p=141) for the full recipe.

Santa shows a darker side on his LiveJournal page (santaucl.livejournal.com), which he operates in conjunction with another Web site: uglychristmaslights.com.

"This site is here to show those houses where the residents are likely celebrating a happy holiday, but have no sense of decency in how they choose to celebrate. We will show the garish, the ugly, the weird," Santa writes. "For your own sake, and the sake of your neighbors, do not try this at home."

Santa, it seems, has an uncanny aversion to over-the-top Christmas displays.

Holiday gimmicks such as these blogs have gained a lot of attention this year, and as blogging and online social networking become more mainstream, it's likely that even more of our holiday traditions will drift into online arenas in the future.

Some retailers, as well, are finding benefits into moving Santa online.

Lands' End, for example, is sponsoring a corporate Santa blog (hisanta.landsend.com) full of Santa news, games and puzzles - and, of course, links to great gift ideas from Lands' End.

In truth, though, Santa is no newcomer to the Internet - Santaclaus.com, a clearinghouse of Christmas traditions and cheer, has been online since 1994 - but blogging seems to be gaining him much wider online exposure and raising a few new questions.

For instance: Does adding Santa as a "friend" on MySpace (and, yes, of course, Santa has a MySpace account: profile.myspace.com/santaandmrsclaus) affect your placement on the naughty-or-nice list?

You'll have to go online to find out.

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